Connect people , nature and water.

Connecting people , nature and water.

Environment & Quality

We wish to deliver delicious
and safe natural mineral water to many customers.
In this pursuit, we arrived at Japan's famous Mt. Fuji.

We thought that having the finest quality natural mineral water from Fuji freely available to use like tap
water in your home would be really wonderful.
And with that thought as our starting point, our company was established in 2010.

Elevation of 1,000 meters Total of 6 wells owned
Water collection capacity of 1.8 million tons

Our factory is located at an elevation of 1,000 meters on the northern side of Fuji with absolutely no livestock, ski resort, or golf course, etc. further up. The water collected comes from deep wells extending 273 meters underground. It is uncontaminated by anything artificial upstream, and filtered carefully through a layer of basalt, making it completely pristine. With this natural gift, a safe and calming drink can be enjoyed from a water dispenser to satisfy all our customers. Towards this end our company strives daily to improve the level of quality of our personnel, processing, and products.


Business Model

Take a look at our unique and innovative product line-up
along with our fully automatic, sterile airless packing system.

  • Film Pack
    Film Pack
    Lightweight Variable Size

    By adopting film packs, we erased concerns about the weight of gallon bottles in the future. Packs are light and easy to use. After drinking, they can be folded up neatly, and they won’t fill up your garbage.

  • Thin Plastic Bottle
    Thin Plastic Bottle
    Made completely in-house

    Due to the thin plastic the container can be crushed, making for less garbage. The product moves in an unbroken process from raw material to preform molding to bottle molding to filling to encasing, allowing for thorough quality control.

  • Bag-in Box
    Bag-in Box
    Economically large size

    Once you receive the product, simply pull the cork out and place the box. No water dispenser is needed to readily enjoy natural water. It can easily be taken outdoors, etc. Since it is at the ambient temperature, it is good for cooking and a wide variety of other uses.

Automation in Sterilized
Clean Rooms

We implemented sterile, clean room automation packing with a "sterile, airless packing system." For this manufacturing process, we concerned ourselves most with cost, the reduction of space, and the improvement of work efficiency. A roll of special packing film is set, and since in the course of fabricating the bag type the bags are filled with water and packed, there is no need for space to store the containers.

Revolutionary Business Model
of Water Dispensers Using
a One-Way Method

The water packed and packaged at the plant is delivered to customers by home-delivery courier. After drinking, the packs can be disposed of at the home, so there is no need for them to be collected and returned. This is the one-way home-delivery method introduced by our group. There is no need for delivery, bottle collection, or cleaning facilities at our company. Additionally, because specialized home-delivery companies are performing the deliveries, profitability can significantly expand without limitations on the area of operation.


Product Appeal

We placed an emphasis on design & functionality with our state-of-the-art, designer server.
Safety and energy-saving functionality has also been enhanced,
and will bring about a revolution in Japan's water dispenser business.

Style your interior with a stylish and functional water dispenser.

What sort of design are you looking for to match your interior?
We offer a wide range of color variations and sizes. And it isn’t just about appearance.
There are also child lock features, easy-to-change pack options, etc.
Let us help you find the water server that will be easy to use and have the features you’ll love.

Company Profile
Company Name Mt. Fuji Springs, Inc.
CEO Hidero Awai
Head Office & Plant 4961-1 Kamiyoshida, Fujiyoshida, YAMANASHI 403-0005
(Head Office)TEL: +81・5・5523・3216 FAX: +81・5・5523・8181
(Plant)TEL: +81・5・5523・3217 FAX: +81・5・5523・3213
Tokyo Office 1-16-1 Ginza, Chuo, TOKYO 104-0061
TEL: +81・3・5524・3600 FAX: +81・5・5524・7902
Date Founded November, 2010
Capital 487,042,500yen
Main Business Activities Natural mineral water Production and Sales
Number of employees
286 (as of April 1, 2018)